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"Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven!"


(Mat. 18.3)


Our temple was founded in 1999. After Chornobyl disaster the administrative structure of village Sukachi was extended to involve three more villages: New Laduzhychy (village Laduzhychy), Teremtsy and Zaglubly. The life of refugees from the Chernobyl zone is not easy as they are too far from their home land. So, our church has become a spiritual center among residents of different villages. By virtue of villagers efforts and by help of donations we have achieved some results in constructing a church.





Condition of a temple for August, 28, 2006


But it is a result of seven-year work, and unfortunately, time and weather conditions do not allow any delay in construction. So, myself, a Prior of a Church "Holy Trinity", Priest Vladimir, address you with the request to help finish to build a church. That mite which you will bring for the sake of the saving yours soul, and yours children - God will not disregard. Let God bless you!


Prior of a temple "Sacred - Trinity", priest Vladimir.



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